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Using "Backup UPS" all on your networking eqipment can prolong the life of your investment. VPN Case Study, division of JPA Communications is "APC Authorized Certified" since 1999 and recently promoted to "APC Reliability Authorized" in 2008

last update on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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The Problem with Power

We live in the Information Age where countless data is created, transmitted, and stored. We live in the Electronics Age where numerous electric-powered machines aid in business and household tasks, as well as entertain and inform us.
The reality of living in this time of technological innovation is that the power to run these machines can't keep up (at least not yet). In many locations around the world, electricity generation, transmission and distribution have not evolved at the same pace as computer and communications equipment. What was built years ago for powering factories producing manufactured goods is struggling to adapt to provide continuous, sufficient-grade power to sensitive electronics processing valuable information.

What Is a Power Event?

Sags, surges, noise, spikes, blackouts…what really happens to connected devices when they experience a power anomaly? A lightning strike is a frequent example, although it is just one of countless problems that can strike your equipment.
Imagine lightning has just struck a nearby transformer. If the surge was powerful enough, it travelled instantaneously through wiring (AC, network, serial, phone lines and more) with the electrical equivalent force of a tidal wave. For PC users, the surge could have travelled into your computer via the AC outlet or phone lines. The first casualty is usually a modem or motherboard. Chips go next, and data is lost.

The Costs of Downtime

In the Information Age, data is quite valuable. It is the livelihood of businesses across the globe, whether in the form of financial transactions or online purchases or customer demographics or correspondence or spreadsheets or any number of business applications.
The Internet has emphasized that availability equals viability. If companies do not have reliable solutions for the continuing operation of their equipment, they lose money. If one company's Web server goes down due to blackout, customers are apt to click over to a competitor's. If mission-critical computers involved in manufacturing are damaged by a surge, inventory runs behind and schedules are missed. If electronic noise penetrates sensitive testing and measurement machinery, delays are inevitable.

Quick Tips on how to figure out "REAL LOAD" on your equipment

In order to find "REAL LOAD", you will need clamp-on meter that can read the "Amperage" of your load.

I recommend Hioki 3280-20 RMS Hand Held Clamp On Meter. It will cost around $59 (US) and this meter is "Made in Japan".

You will also need make small power patch cable like you will see in this in "Diagram #1".

Real Load Diagram
Diagram #1

In order to read "Amperage" you will to clamp on to single cable. With standard 14G 3wires, make necesary connection to each plug and tape up "Ground & Non-Hot wire". This will leave single hot wire by itself ( please make sure that there is no exposed copper for your safety).

With this two simle tools you can now read "REAL LOAD" of your each equipment.

voltage or volt E or V  volts V
amperage or current I  amperes, amps A
resistivity or resistance R  ohms Ω
wattage or power P  watts W
Formula wheel   All important formulas
electrical engineering laws   electronic engineering laws
Power Formulation

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