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Remote Desktop & Apple Desktop

Remote Manage Your Network

Last update on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remote Mangement Your Router

  • Once it's enabled on your route settings, please remember to overview the URL you need to remember.
  • Default Port is 8080, You can specify your own port as you wish
  • In order to access remote management you will need following options
    • https:// your public ip:8080 (or your port#)
    • http:// your public ip:8080 (or your port#)
  • Please remember router do not support 'Loop Back" function so trying remote management behind your Negear router (or other may apply) will results of error. Try from else where to see if you are able to access.
    • If you still have issue with remote management, make sure your broadband modem (DSL ONLY) is set to "BRIDGE MODE". You can obtain how to make bridge mode from your ISP. Please CALL your ISP to find out how to make "BRIDGE MODE". Each manufacture's modem has differenent setup as well as ISP's preferences is different.
    • You can also find out quickly by going to your "Router Status" page and find your "Internet IP". If you don't read any of private IP such as ex.192.168.0.x,, 10.0.0.x then you are getting "Public IP"
  • Try "online web interface to get to know your router or smiliar models!

* Remember to read "Router setup" about DSL setup if you are using DSL services.

Remote Desktop Connection to your PC

    1. Before you attempt registry edting. Please pay full attention when you edit your PC registry. It can halt your PC after restart
    2. Go to start, run, regedit and find the following subkey:
    3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber
    4. In the Edit menu, click Modify and then click on Decimal.
    5. Enter your new port number and click on OK, then exit
    6. Registry editing will not take effect until you restart your PC
    7. Follow same way your setup earlier with "Port Forwarding"

* Remember to read "Router setup" about DSL setup if you are using DSL services.

Remote Desktop Connection to your Mac

  • Mac OSX includes New feature called "Back to My Mac"
    • This feature is used with .Mac or
    • Read this document for alterantive way to access your Mac

* Remember to read "Router setup" about DSL setup if you are using DSL services.

Other Remote Desktop Connection Options

Setting up Help Desk Remoe Desktop Services

coming soon!

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