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Key Generator

For WPA Key Generator, please click here.

To generate a random WEP key, select the bit key length to generate and press the corresponding button; the ASCII or HEX key can then be copied to your clipboard manually or via the "copy to clipboard" button to the right of the Generated Key text fields.  Note that in order to be as platform-independent as possible, characters used for generation of these keys are limited to a subset of the basic ASCII code table (95 elements, including the letters "a" to "z", "A" to "Z", and most punctuation and other standard symbols; at the time that this original program was written, support for Unicode was not widely present among the installed base of consumer operating systems to allow for the inclusion of extended characters which would increase the strength of WEP keys generated with this program).


  • If your product vendor requests 40-bit keys, use the 64-bit key
  • If your product vendor requests 104-bit keys, use the 128-bit key
  • Apple users can enter HEX keys into their AirPort setup by prefixing the generated string with a"$" symbol
    (i.e. if the generated HEX code is 6b5e454532 then you would enter $6b5e454532 into your configuration)

Random WEP Key
Random WEP Key
Random WEP Key
Random WEP Key
Custom WEP Key

NOTE: 5/13/16/29 characters are needed for 64/128/152/256-bit WEP

Custom Phrase


Character Count



Generated Key





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