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Simple Network Connection Check List Documents

Write your router information down for later access to your unit.

DynDNS Updater

This is software version of updating your DynDNS from your desktop or laptop without using your router to do DynDNS. This is a great supplements for VPN Client using laptop.

For Pc User, download here
For Mac user, download here
For Unix user ,download here

For additional information, visit DynDNS.org

Find out your Maximum throughput for Negear Prosafe VPN Router

Click here to download the documents

VPN Client for PC & Mac User

Please visit "URL Links"

ProSafe VPN Client (All Version)

These pre-configured policy is also available on the ProSafe VPN Client installation CD. This will not make your VPN connection right away but help you starting setup your VPN. Most of the instruction that is posted on Negear site is using this pre-configured policy

Most of other non ProSafe products from Negear Router wtih VPN capable can be used and should be able to make the connection


Simple file transfer protocol, with the functionality of a very basic form of FTP

Tftpd32 includes DHCP, TFTP, SNTP and Syslog servers as well as a TFTP client.
The TFTP client and server are fully compatible with TFTP option support (tsize, blocksize and timeout), which allow the maximum performance when transferring the data.

Some extended features such as directory facility, security tuning, interface filtering; progress bars and early acknowledgments enhance usefulness and throughput of the TFTP protocol for both client and server.
The included DHCP server provides unlimited automatic or static IP address assignment. 

TCP Optimizer 2.03

Web Accelerator product from speedguide.net, get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating, A software for tweaking broadband-related Registry settings. The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows software that provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. Just download and run, there is no installation required. The software makes it easy to find the best MTU and RWIN values, test latency and tweak all the important broadband related registry parameters. The Optimizer can be helpful with tuning any Internet connection type, from dialup to Gigabit+ :) If you need help with the program, check the TCP Optimizer documentation, read our broadband tweaking articles, the Optimizer FAQ, and/or visit our Forums. As an alternative, you can try one of our generic Registry patches instead. Optimize Dialup, DSL and Cable all from one simple to use interface. (It has the option to return your Registry to its default untweaked state as well) It also includes built in MaxMTU and Latency(Ping) detection utilities. SoftSea.com had fully tested, reviewed and uploaded the install files, TCP Optimizer does not contain any adware or spyware, the latest version is 2.03, you can download this web accelerator software (596 KB) from special server of SoftSea.com. The license of this internet software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this Internet software.

Download here (608k)

Uninstaller Program

MTU Tweaking

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