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Mac OS X Related Case Study


Apple Mac OS X VPN Client to Netgear ProSafe VPN/Firewall Router

IPSecuritas 3 (Mac OS X) using Prosafe VPN/Firewall Router FVS124G (Dynamic IP and Static IP)

Click here to visit IPSecuritas by Lobotmo Software

Download the instruction-Case Study 116(1.8MB)-NEW & REVISED

ProSafe FVS318 using IPSecuritas 2.1 (Static IP and Dynamic IP)

This is primary tested with FVS318 V2.4
Mac making connection to Xserve (Samba). Able to access your server with VNC, share files and server monitor etc. Not tested wtih Windows Base PC.
Download the instruction-Case Study 102(640KB)-REVISED

Download the IPSecuritas

Check out our download section for DynDNS Updater


VPN Tracker 4 (Mac OS X) using Prosafe VPN/Firewall Router FVS124G
( Dynamic WAN IP and Static WAN IP)

Click here to visit VPN Tracker by Equinux (commerical)

Download the instruction-Case Study 117(1.9MB)-NEW & REVISED

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