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About us

Thank you for visiting my VPN Case Study site. I have been using VPN Technology since 2001. VPN Technology opened huge opportunity for my clients to expand their businesses.

I have decided to share VPN setup with others after joining Netgear forum in September of 2005. I found many people were using VPN but some couldn't establish VPN Tunnel. This site contains various scenario of VPN case study based on my current vpn tunnel that I have with my clients. I'm quite familair with VPN setup but it is learning experiences with others. I hope to grow my knowledge base and continue to post more case study to share.

Netgear is one of the equipment I have been using for long period time and hoping to support them.

I'm always looking for great success story. If you like to share with me please contact me at i....@vpncasestudy.com(You will be require to verify before our email will be revealed)

2010 Report

Our site continue to grow and 2010 has over 683 legitimate user as well some repeaters from the past. In 2010, I have launched the "Donation" base to our case studies and I have recieved generous donation of $533 to our site. At VPN Case Study, I like personally like to say thank you for those took initiative to make donation to my site. We are looking for forward for exciting 2011 and hope contiune to bring better things. They are few things I was not able to add to our site such as "service" section as day work has been quite handful and been delayed.

2009 Report

2009 was relative busy for us and we had 526 legitimate users to access the site. We had repeated user from previous yeasrs for my case studies as we grew our listings. 2009 brough SSL VPN to be more popular and in 2010 we expect even higher demands.

2008 Report

2008 was even a huge success to our site. We had over 850 legitimate users to access the site and we continue to have repeated user coming back. In 2009, we like to add SSL-VPN casestudy to our site and other Prosafe Applicance setups etc.

2007 Report

"We had over 617 legitimate users to access the site for our VPN documents since June,13th. Restricting our documentation with authentication not only controled over bandwidth usage but mostly made the doucments available for user who needs the assitance to achieve their goals.

We believe our first 6 month of year had almost same or above users visiting our site for documents.

VPN Case Study like to say "Thank You" to all the visitors and Netgear forum users who donate documentation to our site. We continue to add more helpful documentation and hope 2008 will bring us even more interesting year to grow! "

At last but not least, "Thank You" for all your testimonials to our site who has submitted in the past. Our site currently run as free site and without your testimonials, our achievement is not recoginized as Best VPN Documentation for Netgear Products.

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